"To empower people with integral education for realisation of self and well being of nation."

  • Bhaji Mandai 

  • When the students were able to sell the groceries, make profit, do transactions as well as bargaining, they learnt various skills such as money management, social awareness, communication, etc. This event of “Bhaji Mandai”, which literally translates into vegetable market and metaphorically into a mess, was conducted for the students to learn and gain some practical exposure. Sometimes, even mess is a great teacher.


Visit to Gandhi Bhavan


 Mahatma Gandhi is known by every child in our society, but who all can actually understand his values, teachings and principles. Our students were able to learn all this when we visited Gandhi Bhavan in Kothrud, Pune as a part of the annual function. Students learnt it all through various animated movies there and then expressed their happiness through various dance performances. 


Eco Friendly Ganpati 

“Ganeshotsav” in Pune is worldwide famous. Where devotion to the idol was known to every child, devotion to mother earth was learnt by preparing the eco-friendly idol of Lord Ganesha and was promoted by all the students on a stall in Warje area.

How’s the Josh?!

When the nation was shocked due to the heinous Pulwama Attack, the students as well the members of N.Y.A.A.S.S. conducted a rally in the Kothrud and Karvenagar area of Pune for the awareness of donations to the families of the martyrs who lost. Nationalism expressed by every child was at its best.


Parents’ Meet


At the beginning of the journey of N.Y.A.A.S.S., a meeting with Parents of the students residing in the community was conducted by the team, whereby the parents were oriented regarding the mission & vision of N.Y.A.A.S.S., importance of integral education and parents’ role in the same.



Diwali Event

This festival of lights was celebrated by the students as well as the members of N.Y.A.A.S.S. by selling some handmade decoration material such as lamps and lanterns and enjoy the art by boosting each others’ creativity alongside. 

  • Hygiene Awareness Rally 

  • Hygiene and Sanitation are some of the major issues faced by the people in the slum communities. When the students held small flexes in their hands and conducted a rally to spread awareness regarding the same, with the help of the members, even the adults in the community appreciated the efforts and strived to keep their community healthy and clean.


Shikshanachi Gudhi 



“Gudhipadwa” is one such Marathi festival which signifies the beginning of the new year according to the Marathi Calendar. Gudhi is raised in every house to pledge and respect the new beginnings in Life. At N.Y.A.A.S.S., we celebrated the festival by raising a “Shikshanachi Gudhi” which signified the new beginnings in the educational journey of all the students. 


Sport Day 



 All children love to play. Many students residing in slum communities face an issue of lack of place to play freely. Children enjoyed the Sports Day, where inter-community matches of sports such as Cricket and Kabaddi were conducted in N.Y.A.A.S.S. Sportsman spirit was the by-product of this event learnt by the students. 

  • Movie Time 


  • Many short films are not easily accessible to the students in the communities due to lack of awareness and knowledge regarding the same. At N.Y.A.A.S.S., these and many such movies are displayed in the classroom for the students. Well, who said learning isn’t fun?




Women’s Day 


Almost 70% of the total human resource of N.Y.A.A.S.S. is female by gender. The team celebrated, appreciated and acknowledged the strength, courage and passion of all these women who face various issues while working in the communities and strive to do their best for the society.