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"Education for everyone, beyond the social,
economic or any other background! ".


IDP seeks to develop whole person i.e- Mind , body, heart and spirit. IDP searches out talents in each student and each staff member, and provides opportunities for using and nurturing those talents.

Be a Mentor

The initiative of ‘Pustak Pedhi’ is not just meant for the child reading it, but it also inculcates a habit of reading amongst their siblings, their parents, their friends, and all their social group. ​

Pustak Pedhi

The initiative of ‘Pustak Pedhi’ is not just meant for the child reading it, but it also inculcates a habit of reading amongst their siblings, their parents, their friends, and all their social group.

Your small contribution can fuel the dreams in the little eyes of our students ♥.

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Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much, You have the Power to bring Happiness so come and join us in this educational revolution.


We arrange for different types of books for all ages. They include story books, academic textbooks, journals, novels, educational magazines, newspapers, etc.

2.Stationary -

We arrange useful stationary materials for the different activities which are carried out during the sessions by us. As we believe in creativity, we make sure that each and every child shows up his/her talent.

3.School Fees -

We pay the school fees of the students who cannot afford basic education. As all children are equal to us, providing them with a good academic education is important.

4. Educational Visit-

We carry out field visits so that our children not only get educated through books but also to make them explore the outside world. We take them to science parks, different types of museums, exhibitions, etc.


 N.Y.A.A.S.S. always tries to conduct various events with the children, to build their social awareness, personalities and provide them with the greatest possible exposure.

Why N.Y.A.A.S.S.

Agricultural model of teaching

We treat education like organic farming. We recognize the interdependence of all of the aspects of development. We make them understand what teamwork is. We promote the development of our children not only intellectually but also physically, spiritually, and socially.

Student centred classrooms

The instructor is the imparter of knowledge while students listen, and are corrected and evaluated on their performance. The main focus is on both the teachers and students. It opens the door to a multitude of possibilities for educational curricular.

Activity based learning

Activity-based learning encourages students to actively participate in their own learning experience through practical activities such as problem-solving and independent investigation. We offer interactive learning forums based around: Exploration, Experimentation, Expression.

Holistic education

This methodology seeks to help children develop all their skills and to build their strengths. It focuses on play-based learning. The child develops better communication skills, social skills, interpersonal skills, builds confidence within oneself and becomes curious about other things.


The core role of a teacher is to facilitate learning. The concept of agility in teaching and learning nicely captures the idea that education has to be active, nimble and responsive.


Standardized testing is designed to get every student to arrive at the same correct answer to a question, which encourages a sea of sameness. Evaluation makes them realise what it is now and what upgradation needs to be done. They tell us what's strong with students by helping them discover and develop their own unique talents.


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Monthly donations

Monthly donations We need various resources such as classrooms, stationeries, etc. This is only possible with your kind donations every month. We expect your support in this journey ahead.It would be grateful from our side if you could ask your friends, family or anyone close to you, to be a part in this small initiative and support us.

Our Awesome Team​

Rohit Yaligar 



Pritesh Pitale




Shraddha Kadam



Aarohi Machikar



Rutuja Paygude




Vaishnavi Joshi




Ajinkya Ashitkar




I am a father of two children working on a food stall. My son is 16 years old and my daughter is 14 years old. Me and my wife were not able to complete our school education but we have the dream to educate our children. Residing in a slum community of Pune city, I always wondered how I could provide proper guidance to my children. Being grateful to N.Y.A.A.S.S., I am happy to see both my children being a part of both the projects i.e. IDP as well as Be a mentor.
Suresh Gore
I was dropped out of my school after 9th Standard due to migration and wasn’t able to get admitted in any other school for the 10th Standard. I spent 1 whole year of my life sitting at home before I learnt about N.Y.A.A.S.S. I sought admission related help and today, I am happy to claim that I have passed my 10th Standard, attending the school and now I am in 12th Standard in a renowned college of Pune. I feel more than grateful to have the team of N.Y.A.A.S.S. with me due to whom, I am able to resume my dream of getting educated.
Aditi Paradkar
I am in 8th standard now and I am always eager to attend the sessions conducted by Tai & Dada. I love science experiments and observing birds and animals. I was so happy and excited when Tai & Dada took us to Science park for an educational visit. I learnt so many different things there. And now I am looking forward to our upcoming educational visit at a zoo. Thank you Tai & Dada.
Shekhar Sukle

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440, Shukrawar Peth, Opp. Mamledar Kacheri, Shivaji Road, Pune, 411002

LandMark – opposite to Mamledar Kacheri, Shivaji Road


 Office timing-

Mon-Sat: 09.15 AM to 6.00 PM


Contact No-

Rohit Yaligar : 7972418492 Pritesh Pitale – 9762198860

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